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COVID-19 Cleanroom Consulting and Engineering

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Introducing the Cleanetics COVID Airborne Infection Isolation Room Engineering

The Cleanetics CAiiRE Initiative™ is the future of Novel Virus Care - a call to action - and the most effective means of separating “COVID” from “non-COVID” patients, bridging the gap between Emergency Response and Environment of Care, the foundation of the Cleanetics Covid Continuum™.

Cleanetics believes that the future of COVID care will be a complete isolation and separation of the Covid-19 virus, or any novel virus for that matter, a process designed to redirect and relocate highly contagious patients away from the general hospital spectrum, where so many non-Covid or low-acuity patients are being displaced.

Instead, in the face of the current crisis, the Cleanetics CAiiRE Initiative™ provides state-of-the-art Isolation & Treatment wards, our Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™, designated solely for Novel Virus Care, purpose built, custom designed and engineered controlled environment to meet the uncertain and ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry.

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Features of the CAiiRE Initiative™ include:


Multiple, single patient rooms, each with an independent, isolated air system.


Delivers all the process utilities (source equipment) of a modern Intensive Care Unit.


Each Patient Isolation Suite is equipped with a private bathroom for comfort and Dignity of Care, as well as lessening the risk of cross-contamination.


Each patient Isolation Suite immediately adapts into a fully functional ICU the moment the patient’s acuity level increases, eliminating the need for the patient to be transported.


This product can be delivered and commissioned in 4-5 weeks (an impressive feat for a system of this quality and performance).


Each project can be funded within five (5) days—a workable Vendor Equipment monthly payment plan that allows the end user to realize true COST AVOIDANCE without an immediate capital expenditure.

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What are Our Acuity Adaption Isolation Units™?

Acuity Adaption Isolation Units™ are designed, sourced, and constructed by our turnkey design-build team to provide an immediate response and solution to bed surge capacity. The Isolation Units also divert highly contagious patients away from the general hospital spectrum, where low-acuity patients and healthcare workers are most susceptible to cross-contamination, a critical step in the Cleanetics Covid Continuum™.

Looking forward, knowing what we’ve already discovered from the Covid-19 outbreak, and anticipating another surge in the fall of 2020, there is adequate time to prepare—and implementing Cleanetics’ Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ into the healthcare continuum is an effective step.

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Cleanetics and the COVID Continuum

The fundamental stage of the Cleanetics COVID Continuum is providing remote isolation and treatment facilities that direct COVID-19 patients away from other patients receiving non-COVID or low-acuity care.

Following the advice of industry experts at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Cleanetics is offering a modular purpose-built pod for COVID-19 patients that provides both isolation and respiratory critical care.

Cleanetics Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ not only meet the needs of a hospital’s surge demand during a pandemic outbreak, but they enhance the environment of care. Whereas tents, cubicles, hotel rooms, and even hospital rooms only provide (at best), minimal isolation, the purpose-built Cleanetics Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ set a new standard by creating a 100% isolated, single-patient setting that, by design, adapts to the acuity level of it’s patient.

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