Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™

state-of-the-art Isolation/ICU ward within 4 to 5 weeks

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Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™

Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ are designed, sourced, and constructed by Cleanetics’ turnkey design-build team to provide an immediate response and solution to bed surge capacity and to divert highly contagious patients away from the general hospital spectrum—where low-acuity patients and healthcare workers are most susceptible to cross-contamination—a critical step in the Cleanetics Covid Continuum™.

Aerial view of a 10-room Patient Isolation Unit

Cleanetics has partnered with Diekema Hamann Architecture and Engineering, a premiere healthcare design firm, as well as major equipment vendors—such as TRANE—to develop a customizable modular system with prefabricated and readily available components that can be shipped and assembled on site—a fully-functional state-of-the-art Isolation/ICU ward within 4 to 5 weeks. Each pod can have 2 to 18 critical care beds, depending on the anticipated need and the available space.

Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™
Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ can be deconstructed and stored for future reuse, and are just one of the elements of the Cleanetics Covid Continuum™—an initiative conceived with a mandate not only to treat the critically ill but to protect their healthcare providers and the community at large—an expedited, medium cost solution to the surge crisis facing our communities.

Each Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Unit operates as a standalone COVID-19 Ward

The Cleanetics Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ are designed simultaneously to function as Airborne Infection Isolation (Aii) Rooms, as well as respiratory critical care rooms with NFPA 99 medical air and liquid oxygen source systems.

Each unit operates as a standalone COVID-19 ward, and can be deployed to supplement the existing isolation/ICU rooms in an overburdened healthcare setting; or, following the CDC’s recommendations, to provide a nearby or off-site location to divert highly contagious COVID-19 patients needing critical care away from the spectrum of the general hospital, which ends up displacing so many patients who were admitted for elective procedures and other types of low-acuity care.

What is Included
  • 2 to 18 patient rooms per pod with fully functional ICU-grade prefabricated headwalls
  • Independent single-patient full bathrooms with wastewater disposal
  • Command Center for Healthcare Workers
  • 100% outside air and exhaust via customized, packaged rooftop unit(s)
  • Central plant housing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and med gas source systems
  • Clean storage, soiled hold, EVS
  • Optional Interior Corridor
  • Interior or Exterior installation
  • Accommodations for ventilator reprocessing
What is Required
  • Flat, Level installation area (for 40 x 40 to 40 x 150; or whatever custom footprint is required)
  • 150 to 250 kW primary & redundant power sources (generator(s) can be provided). Fuel refills needed
  • 1-1/2” house water connection or daily tank refills
  • Liquid oxygen dewar replacement, peak 240L / day
  • Sewage point of discharge (field-piped)
  • Fitout (beds, equipment, IT, etc.) at User’s discretion
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© Copyright 2020 Cleanetics, LLC. All Rights Reserved
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