CLEANETICS Covid Continuum™

A new continuum for Novel Virus Care

Current data suggest that all persons carrying the COVID-19 virus are contagious, even if they are presenting mild, moderate, or no symptoms at all.

Of these, 1 in 7 are expected to escalate to severe symptoms, which would normally require hospitalization. Roughly 30% of these patients progress to critical, requiring ongoing monitoring, care, and breathing support via ventilators. Without the proper Environment of Care, the mortality rate can be as high as 3%. With the proper environment, mortality rates drop below 1% (per the ASHRAE/ASHE Technical Committee for Healthcare COVID-19 Guidance).

As the impact of this virus grows, our nation is preparing for an unprecedented surge in hospital beds and quarantine locations. Many of the solutions that have been implemented and are underway, and, although well-intentioned, are reactive and inappropriate to slow the spread of this virus and may result in increased mortality.

In the nation’s defense, this is a fast-evolving situation, but it is our responsibility to respond with both speed and wisdom, using the best information available.

Following the advice of industry experts at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Cleanetics is offering a modular purpose-built pod for COVID-19 patients that provides both isolation and respiratory critical care.

Looking forward, knowing what we’ve already discovered from the Covid-19 outbreak, and anticipating another surge in the fall of 2020, there is adequate time to prepare—and implementing Cleanetics’ Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ into the healthcare continuum is an effective step.

The fundamental stage of the Cleanetics Covid Continuum™ is providing remote Isolation & Treatment facilities that direct Covid-19 patients away from other patients receiving non-Covid or low-acuity care.

As shown in the diagram, once the risk level of a patient increases—where Covid-19 has been diagnosed and requires isolation and intensive care—the Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ act as the “remote Covid ward” for the healthcare network, ensuring that the highly contagious patient receives the quality of care they need, while protecting healthcare workers and the general public from the contagion.

On the Environment of Care performance scale, the Cleanetics Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ excel well beyond standard hospital facilities, creating a new continuum for Novel Virus Care.

Enhancing the COVID-19 Emergency Response Continuum

As shown in the Emergency Response Continuum chart above, the Cleanetics Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ not only meets the needs of a hospital’s surge demand during a pandemic outbreak, but it enhances the Environment of Care.
Whereas tents, cubicles, hotel rooms and even hospital rooms only provide (at best), minimal isolation, the purpose built the Cleanetics Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™ set a new standard by creating a 100% isolated, single-patient setting that, by design, adapts to the acuity level of it’s patient.

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© Copyright 2020 Cleanetics, LLC. All Rights Reserved
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