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Cleanetics has created the CAiiRE Initiative™ to protect the critically-ill and their healthcare providers from the dangers of Novel Viruses—the future of Covid care.


Is your compounding facility a registered 503a or 503b environment? Our team consults, designs, builds, and certifies, making us a truly a turnkey provider.


Consult with Cleanetics to design and build your USP 797 & 800 sterile compounding pharmacy. Whether a renovation or a new construction, Cleanetics will deliver a fully compliant cleanroom environment.


For decades, Cleanetics has assisted high-profile Medical Device companies in the design-build construction of their clean production facilities, as well as implementing long-term Preventative Maintenance and Sustainability plans.

& Biotech

Cleanetics has an impressive portfolio of success in the renovation of several Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Biotechnology facilities, where our custom sterile surfaces transformed deteriorated production spaces into cGMP compliant environments.


Due to the sensitive nature of microchip manufacturing, Semiconductor cleanrooms require strict control over all contaminants, including particulates, out-gassing, toxic gas, and static. Cleanetics has extensive experience in delivering these submicron facilities.


With the heightened demand of Medical Marijuana and CBD, cleanroom environments for Cannabis production are faced with stricter regulations as more agricultural licenses are being issued across the nation.


As clean production standards have increased in the Aeropace industry, Cleanetics has consulted and engineered several high-profile international projects, from satellites to space exploration.

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Cleanetics Design-Builds Cleanrooms in Multiple Industries

Since 2005, Cleanetics has been designing, building, certifying, and maintaining cleanrooms across the Scientific World. From Aerospace, Semi-Conductor, Medical Device, Research Laboratory, USP 797 Hospital Pharmacies, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, 503A/B Cleanrooms, Hazardous Storage, and any aseptic environment, our team will bring to fruition the certified cleanroom environment to meet the standards of your industry. 

In 2008,  as the shift in hospital sterile compounding began to take shape, we aligned our team with the top hospitals in the nation to assist in developing state of the art compounding USP797 Cleanrooms.  Being ahead of the curve, our customers met the 2023 deadline with confidence and proper certification.  No renovations were needed.  Cleanetics' has delivered over 100 USP 797 & 800  Sterile Compounding Pharmacies projects in more than twenty states and three nations.

In accordance with USP <797/800> and FDA guidelines, Cleanetics designs and builds 503a facilities (USP regulated compounding pharmacies for patient specific prescriptions) and 503b facilities (FDA regulated pharmacies that manufacture large batches with or without prescriptions).

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As a cGMP subject matter expert, Cleanetics performs renovation solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facilities and provides particle monitoring systems for dozens of high-profile companies across the nation.

In parallel with our focus on the Life & Health Sciences, Cleanetics designs and builds modular cleanroom environments for the growing Medical Device industry.

To complement our unique focus on the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, Cleanetics also performs turnkey solutions for the Semiconductor, Aerospace, and Advanced Research industries.

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