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Cleanroom Bio-Gard Wall Laminate

Bio-Gard Wall Laminate

Bio-Gard Wall Laminate

Bio-Gard Wall & Ceiling laminate achieves a superior finish for aseptic environments.

  • Easy to maintain and easy to clean, Bio-Gard Wall & Ceiling Laminate eliminates the need for drywall repair while meeting the most stringent aseptic protocol.
  • 2mm PVC sheets, offer Bio-Gard superior resistance to chemicals and impact compared to an epoxy paint finish.
  • Thermo-formed and vacuum molded corners and coves offer a smooth seamless transition from walls to ceilings - 2” and ¼” inside radius available.
  • Installation includes lamination and heat-welding of the panels for a seamless, homogeneous, non-porous wall finish that may be applied over most solid substrates, including drywall, cement board, and smooth concrete.
  • The standard system finish is a high-gloss white. Custom colors and anti-microbial additives are available upon request.
  • Bio-Gard has been tested with UL Standard 723 to meet ASTM E-84, and it satisfies USDA, and FDA requirements for clean ability.

Cleanetics provides high aseptic environments with our durable Bio-Gard Wall System. Contact us today to request a cleanroom design consultation.

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Aseptic Renovation utilizing Bio-Gard Wall Laminate

AstraZeneca facility receives Bio-Gard seamless transition
wall laminate

The project, completed in two phases , consisted of the design and construction of a 20,000 sq/ft aseptic renovation of the parental bay and chases for client AstraZeneca at their Westborough, Massechusetts facility.

Phase 1 took place over a 14-day Christmas shutdown. The eventual Phase 2 scope can be seen in the distance.

The project showcases Bio-Gard Germicidal Wall & Ceiling System. The project consisted of removing the existing, corroded epoxy floor coves and creating a seamless transition with the new wall laminate.

Industries We Serve Include:

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Medical Device Cleanroom with Bio-Gard Wall Laminate

For Comprehensive Cleanroom Consulting Solutions, Cleanetics is the Key

Over 1,000 Cleanroom Projects Successfully Completed

A sterile environment is your company’s first step in preserving public safety, preventing cross-contamination, and reducing liability.

At Cleanetics, our experts assess the client's needs, develop a customized solution, and provide ongoing support to ensure that the cleanroom operates at peak efficiency. Our cleanroom design engineers are equipped with decades of build-to-suit cleanroom experience, allowing us to complete projects on schedule and on budget.

Cleanetics works with you to create the environment you need from the ground up. Before construction even begins, we account for ISO classifications, cGMP regulations, manufacturing specifications, FDA/USP standards, and any other specialized requirements unique to your industry and your location. The end result is a cleanroom environment custom-built to meet the demands of your business, both today and tomorrow.

For professional cleanroom design and consulting services, choose Cleanetics.

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