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Cleanroom Material Passthroughs

Material Passthrough, ISO 5 Air Shower Pass thru for Hazardous Cleanroom

Custom Manufactured Cleanroom Material Passthroughs

Cleanetics custom manufactures material passthroughs to fit your specification:

  1. Custom Material Passthrough Sizes: Our manufacturing team in Pennsylvania will build the material passthrough to meet your size specifications.  From 2'X2' to 72"x72", we can build the material pass through to fit your needs.  
  2. Material Passthrough Features:  Bio-Gard laminate interior, interlocking handles, double sided, stainless steel framing, ISO5 air shower feature, security keypad lock features. 

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ISO 5 Air Shower Material Passthrough for Hazardous Materials

If you have a Hazardous Cleanroom, You need an ISO5 Air-shower Passthrough

The Cleanetics ULPA-filtered Air Shower Pass-Through has a simple functionality that addresses both USP 797 and USP 800.

Features Include:

  • A high velocity ULPA-filtered positive pressure blower that activates when one of the interlocked doors is opened.
  • This “clean air curtain” acts as a positive pressure bubble between the ISO 7 negative pressure hazardous compounding suite and the non-classified dry pharmacy (neutral pressure).
  • This creates a miniature replica of a positive pressure ISO 7 Ante/Gown, while acting as a barrier that contains potential hazardous contaminants from exfiltrating the clean room.
  • View our case studies and cleanroom project portfolio for more detail.
    To speak with a cleanroom designer about your next project, contact us now.
  • Standard configuration includes one 99.999% efficient ULPA filter, status, lights, a brushless DC clean-operating fan, and a cycle timer.
  • Integrates with the CLEANETICS manual interlocking doors and electronically actuated blower.
  • Status indicator lights flash, LED signals red to indicate door lock-out.
  • Adjustable cycle time mechanism.
  • Seamless Bio-Gard lamination surfaces.
  • 12.77mm LEXAN polycarbonate doors.
  • Flush-mounted Stainless Steel door handles.
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel cabinet hinges (170-degree swing)
  • Recommended bi-annual ISO certification  

User Benefits

  • A simple plug-and-play concept, where the unit is set into a rough-opening, stabilized by aluminum trim, and powered by a pigtail/whip plugged into a receptacle.
  • No operational training required.

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Material Passthrough in a Cleanroom

For Custom Cleanroom Products, Cleanetics is the Key

Over 1,000 of Cleanroom Products Sold

For professional cleanroom products, choose Cleanetics.

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