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Phizzle Product Launch

Environmental Monitoring System

What Is Phizzle?

If you have a particle monitoring device for your cleanroom facility, you need Phizzle.  A user friendly, CFR compliant, software system that integrates all of your devices on one easy to use human interface.  Contact Cleanetics to streamline your environmental monitoring systems.

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Why Phizzle?

  1. Digital Air Series: The only software-defined solution to automate data capture and remotely operate air particle counters.
  2. Innovation: First of its kind. Digital Air is the only software-defined solution to automate data capture and remotely operate air particle counters used GMP/ISO applications.
  3. Value: Guaranteed ROI. Any GMP/IOS customer with multiple air particle counters in multiple locations is guaranteed operational cost savings.
  4. Proof of Value: In Production.  The same software: FDA-approved, in-production with one of the most important drugs in the world.

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Opens with: Adobe Acrobat

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Climet Particle Monitoring Unit

Particle Monitoring Software System

It’s Battle-Tested! The Digital Air platform was built from Phizzle’s years of experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing space. Presently, this technology is deployed at a Fortune 100 Pharma company making several of the world’s most important drugs. This is an FDA-approved, cGMP-ready solution that has passed the highest level audits in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Compliance, security, and traceability are all in the product’s DNA. Phizzle already operates in mission-critical environments across the globe and can be trusted to integrate with your processes and requirements to whatever use case suits you. 

Brands We Work With:

  • Climet
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Lasair
  • AeroTrak

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Environmental Monitoring Climet Unit

Cleanetics and Phizzle Partnership

Over 1,000 Cleanroom Projects Successfully Completed

First to Market

Cleanetics is the first to market with instrument qualification and digitization as a service. Customers are looking for more than just a functioning air particle counter —they want a single, cloud-based UI where they can operate every APC remotely. Only Cleanetics can offer an integrated IQ/OQ/PQ service with
transformative features like APC automate data capture.

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