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Cleanroom Consulting

Trust Cleanetics to Review your Cleanroom Concept or Design

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Don't Just Trust Anyone with Your Cleanroom Project

Cleanroom consulting is a specialized service that helps organizations plan, design, and operate cleanrooms that meet the specific requirements of their unique industry. This process plays a vital part in overall efficiency and safety.   At Cleanetics, we understand cleanrooms across the spectrum.  Our experience with designing, building, certifying and maintaining cleanrooms for  USP797, Medical Device, 503A/B, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor and aseptic environments truly sets us apart from the rest.  Let our team review your design concept or plans to ensure your cleanroom will function within the guidelines. 

Cleanetics provides a range of cleanroom consulting services, including:

  1. Consultative Review: Prior to the onset of the clean room design, we seek to identify any noticeable gaps or inefficiencies in the client's flow of production that could be mitigated or improved. Thus, Phase I of every clean room project begins with a Consultative Review by the Cleanetics Engineering Team. This helps us better understand our clients' historical processes, also known as "Means & Methods."
  2. Cleanroom Design: During our initial feasibility and constructability analysis, our team works closely with clients to design cleanrooms that meet their unique requirements. This includes assessing the client's needs, identifying potential risks and hazards, and developing a customized design that meets all relevant cleanroom standards. Most importantly, Cleanetics helps our clients to formally specify their Performance Criteria (environmental) and Operational Standards (SOPs & GMPs) to ensure that each clean room project has a clear direction from its conception to its certification.
  3. Cleanroom Testing, Validation, and Calibration: After the design process, Cleanetics provides cleanroom testing services to ensure the new cleanroom operates at peak efficiency. This step features particle counting, air flow analysis, temperature testing, humidity control, and more.
  4. Cleanroom Certification: Cleanetics' team of experts provides cleanroom certification services to ensure that the cleanroom meets all regulatory standards, including testing and certification for ISO 14644-1 and USP 797/800 compliance.
  5. Training and Education: Cleanetics offers training and ongoing education services to ensure your staff understands the importance of cleanroom operation and maintenance. This encompasses training on safety protocols, cleanroom procedures, and cleanroom best practices.
  6. Ongoing Support: Cleanetics is here for you with ongoing support to ensure your new cleanroom operates at peak efficiency and meets all regulatory standards.

From initial consultation to design, construction, and ISO certification, Cleanetics is prepared to turn your vision into a state-of-the-art production facility built to the highest standards.
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The Right Design For Your Next Cleanroom Project

Since our start in 2005, the engineering experts at Cleanetics have delivered turnkey cleanroom solutions using the most advanced technology available. We specialize in designing and building critically-controlled environments with incredibly fast turnaround time. In mere weeks, we can create a state-of-the-art fully-compliant facility that meets ISO standards for cleanrooms up to and including ISO class 5 cleanroom classification.

In addition to cleanroom consulting, we provide cleanroom inspection, scheduled service, and preventative maintenance. We also offer a selection of cleanroom products that are customizable, scalable, and flexible. This includes pass-throughs, high-security touchpads and card readers, environmental monitoring products, wall laminates, and wall systems for modular cleanrooms that grow with your operation.

Industries We Serve Include:

View our case studies and cleanroom project portfolio for more detail.
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cleanetics engineers wearing hardhats and discussing plans over a laptop

For Comprehensive Cleanroom Consulting Solutions, Cleanetics is the Key

Over 1,000 Cleanroom Projects Successfully Completed

Cleanroom consulting is a critical service. A sterile environment is your company’s first step in preserving public safety, preventing cross-contamination, and reducing liability.

At Cleanetics, our experts assess the client's needs, develop a customized solution, and provide ongoing support to ensure that the cleanroom operates at peak efficiency. Our cleanroom design engineers are equipped with decades of build-to-suit cleanroom experience, allowing us to complete projects on schedule and on budget.

Cleanetics works with you to create the environment you need from the ground up. Before construction even begins, we account for ISO classifications, cGMP regulations, manufacturing specifications, FDA/USP standards, and any other specialized requirements unique to your industry and your location. The end result is a cleanroom environment custom-built to meet the demands of your business, both today and tomorrow.

For professional cleanroom design and consulting services, choose Cleanetics.

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