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Cleanroom Services

Cleanroom Consultants with Design, Engineering, Construction, Certification, Monitoring, and Maintenance Services

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Cleanroom Consultants

Phase I of every clean room project begins with a Consultative Review by the Cleanetics Engineering Team, the first step in understanding our clients' historical processes, also known as "Means & Methods", as a way to identify any noticeable gaps or inefficiencies in the flow of production that could be mitigated or improved prior to the onset of the Clean Room Design.

Most importantly, Cleanetics helps our clients to formally specify their Performance Criteria (environmental) and Operational Standards (SOPs & GMPs) to ensure that each clean room project has a clear direction from kick-off to certification.

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phase two construction of a cleanroom

Cleanroom Design & Construction

Phase II of a cleanroom project is the design and build phase. Together, the Cleanetics team of subject matter experts (architects and engineers) develop the construction documents for your cleanroom. When completion deadlines are vital, or when an accelerated construction schedule is required, Cleanetics will select and procure the long-lead equipment (HVAC) during the early stages of the engineering process to shorten the timeline of construction.

Cleanetics manages and constructs our projects to completion using our certified clean room technicians and experienced, licensed MEP contractors, sourcing vendors who are local and familiar to our clients.

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Cleanroom Environmental Monitoring

The primary function of every design & build clean room project is to engineer and construct an ISO-CLASSIFIED environment that either adheres to a specific Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) or a set of criteria that meets the internal standards set forth by the end user.

To validate that one’s room is in compliance with those standards, Cleanetics provides real-time monitoring systems with continuous data-logging in accordance with 21 CFR 11 (Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 11).

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Cleanetics Cleanroom Environmental Monitoring Services Include:

  • Non-viable and Viable Air Sampling
  • Microbial Surface Sampling
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Pressure Differential Testing and Tracking
employee performs maintenance on a cleanroom

Cleanroom Maintenance Programs

Regularly-Scheduled Maintenance ensures that your Cleanroom achieves ongoing sustainability. Your business and your reputation depend on the performance of your production lines, and a routine preventative maintenance program will keep your system functioning long after taking occupancy—a “best practice” that treats your cleanroom like a long term investment in the interest of your stakeholders.

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Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual Clean Room Maintenance Packages Include:

  • Certification to ISO Standard 14644-1
  • Inspection of all equipment for proper operation
  • Clean/replace FFU/HEPA pre-filters
  • Aerosol filter scan
  • Inspection of return air risers and wall cleaning
  • Changing the pre-filters on the air handler
  • Air handler drive belt replacement and bearing lubrication
  • Cleaning all refrigerator condenser coils
  • Condensate pan sanitizing briquettes
  • Sensor calibration
  • Particle counter calibration
  • Clean down room according to current regimen

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