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Pharmaceutical & Biotech Cleanrooms

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Cleanroom Services

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Biotechnology Cleanrooms are Highly Controlled, Usually Adhering to the Regulations of ISO Class 5 or Better

The Biotechnology industry requires cleanrooms and controlled environments that can precisely regulate the concentration of airborne particles, as well as temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Most commonly, these cleanrooms are implemented in laboratories, bio-exclusion zones, production facilities, and even animal breeding facilities.

At Cleanetics, it is our goal to design and build a pharmaceutical cleanroom that helps you achieve your business goals while enhancing your production process. We have decades of experience designing and building pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleanrooms that meet all industry requirements to maintain and control air cleanliness and environment sterility.

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The Benefits to Modular Cleanroom Construction for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries Include:

  • Customized design
  • Construction flexibility
  • Fast assembly
  • The ability to reconfigure the space if needed
  • Complete temperature and airflow control
  • Adding new modifications is easy and inexpensive
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Cleanetics Understands the Demands that Come with Constructing Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Due to the nature in which pharmaceutical and biotech cleanrooms are used, there is obvious importance as to why a sterile space is necessary. Between research and the manufacturing of medical equipment, medicine, and vaccines, cleanrooms such as the ones we create at Cleanetics have increasingly serious demands and expectations placed on them. Avoiding contamination of the product or research is key, which is why we implement the safest preventative measures to keep contaminants outside and prevent airborne migration from inside the cleanroom.

Pharmaceutical cleanrooms also have specific cleanroom classifications in order to ensure product quality, sterility, and compliance. Our expert cleanroom engineers are well-equipped and highly experienced in ensuring your pharmaceutical cleanroom classification is meeting industry standards. Let us create a sterile, sensitive environment for your pharmaceutical or biotech business by calling us to schedule a consultation today.

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We Service Our Clients With:

  • Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual packages
  • Certification to ISO Standard 14644-1
  • BSC/LAFW equipment certification
  • Aerosol filter scan
  • Inspection of all equipment for proper operation
  • HVAC inspection and cleaning; Clean/replace FFU/HEPA pre-filters; Clean/replace FFU/HEPA pre-filters
  • Inspection of return air risers and wall cleaning
  • Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Monitoring
  • A review of cleaning procedures for compliance
  • Microbial Viable Testing (Air and Surface)

Consult with Cleanetics to build and/or renovate your Pharmaceutical or Biotech facility that is guaranteed to pass State, DOH, and Federal Standards.


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