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Aerospace Cleanroom Consulting, Design, Construction, & Maintenance

sliding doors of an aerospace cleanroom

Cleanetics Can Provide You with Elegantly Designed Aerospace Environments

Since our inception, Cleanetics has designed and constructed over two million square feet of advanced cleanroom facilities for demanding applications, including the Aerospace industry. Whether you are breaking ground on a new chip plant, repurposing a pharmaceutical suite, or retrofitting a manufacturing line that was not required to “be clean” in the past, Cleanetics can help. We specialize in creating environments with tools and technology that reduce the number particles floating in the air of your production area. For more information on how our modular cleanrooms can solve your contaminant problems, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our aerospace engineering cleanroom experts.

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How Can Cleanetics Help Your Aerospace Facility?

  • Leverage our experience solving industry and process specific challenges for mission critical applications with demanding project schedules.
  • Benefit from our cost-effective approach to both upfront capital cost and energy efficient operations.
  • Work closely with our industry experts and ownership team – who are directly involved in your success.
  • Build with the confidence gained from our working knowledge of regulatory requirements, industry standards and applicable building codes.
  • Utilize our comprehensive understanding of specialized mechanical and cleanroom architectural systems and how to best deploy them on your project
  • Cleanetics has worked with the top Aerospace facilities in the nation.  Assisting in state-of-the-art space exploration clientele, Blue Origin, our references are available upon request.  

We Service Our Clients With:

  • Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual packages
  • Certification to ISO Standard 14644-1
  • BSC/LAFW equipment certification
  • Aerosol filter scan
  • Inspection of all equipment for proper operation
  • HVAC inspection and cleaning; Clean/replace FFU/HEPA pre-filters; Clean/replace FFU/HEPA pre-filters
  • Inspection of return air risers and wall cleaning
  • Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Monitoring
  • A review of cleaning procedures for compliance
  • Microbial Viable Testing (Air and Surface)

Consult with Cleanetics to build and/or renovate your Aerospace manufacturing facility that is guaranteed to pass State, DOH, and Federal Standards.


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