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Cleanroom Environmental Monitoring Services

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How Do you Maintain Your Cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are highly controlled environments with air filtration that minimizes contaminants like dust and microorganisms. They are crucial for a number of industries, including the USP797 Hospital Pharmaciespharmaceutical, medical device industries, and Semi-Conductor Cleanrooms where even the smallest stray particulates in the manufacturing process could drastically impact the quality of the final product.

Following the ISO14644-1 Standards, Cleanetics will validate your cleanrooms HEPA filtration, particle counts (viable and non-viable), pressure differential, temperature & relative humidity.  Completed Certification Reports and ISO Compliancy Certificates Issued within five days of service. 

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Cleanetics provides a range of cleanroom preventative maintenance services, including:

  1. Certification to ISO Standard 14644-1
  2. BSC/LAFW equipment certification
  3. Aerosol filter scan/Smoke Challenge Testing
  4. Inspection of all equipment to ensure proper operation
  5. HVAC inspection and cleaning; Clean/replace FFU/HEPA pre-filters; Clean/replace FFU/HEPA pre-filters
  6. Inspection of return air risers and wall cleaning
  7. Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Monitoring
  8. A review of cleaning procedures for compliance
  9. Microbial Viable Testing (Air Impaction and Surface Sampling)

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