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Cleanroom Sterile Material Pass Throughs

Cleanetics designs and manufactures a unique line of custom sterile interlocked pass-throughs.  From standard 2’ x 2’ material units to larger cart pass-throughs to combination units to distinctly small letter and document pass-throughs, Cleanetics provides custom solutions for most conditions.  The Cleanetics pass-through line is manufactured from LEED-approved substrates and clad with Bio-Gard for high performance as well as an aesthetically pleasing integration with the clean room walls.

In 2019, in response to USP <800>, Cleanetics launched its new ISO-5 Air Shower Purging Pass-Through as a buffer between Hazardous environments and non-classified zones.

In 2020, we’ve introduced our innovative Intubation Isolation Shroud, a portable, fully-contained negative pressure barrier to protect healthcare providers from the potential contagion of the intubating process.


3/4-inch cabinet grade plywood – formaldehyde free
Foam rubber bulb seal for the doors
Round, low-profile stainless steel 1/4 trun door latches
1/2 inch Polycarbonate Lexan doors

Available Options

Adjustable shelving
Shelving made from HDPE
Security pass-through door locks
Magnetic interlocking system

Bio-Gard Wall Laminate

Bio-Gard Wall & Ceiling laminate achieves a superior finish for aseptic environments. Easy to maintain and easy to clean, Bio-Gard Wall & Ceiling Laminate eliminates the need for drywall repair while meeting the most stringent aseptic protocol.


2mm PVC sheets offer Bio-Gard superior resistance to chemicals and impact compared to an epoxy paint finish.

Thermo-formed and vacuum molded corners and coves offer a smooth seamless transition from walls to ceilings – 2” and ¼” inside radius available.

Installation includes lamination and heat-welding of the panels for a seamless, homogeneous, non-porous wall finish that may be applied over most solid substrates, including drywall, cement board, and smooth concrete.

Finishes and Certifications

The standard system finish is a high-gloss white.  Custom colors and anti-microbial additives are available upon request.

Bio-Gard has been tested with UL Standard 723 to meet ASTM E-84, and it satisfies USDA, and FDA requirements for clean ability.

Custom Cleanroom Casework For Any Application

Cleanetics designs and manufactures a unique line of custom sterile casework and accessories for cleanrooms and laboratories. From stationary cabinets and work-tables to rolling carts with sliding bins to printer enclosures and computer work-stations, Cleanetics continuously expands its product line with the current innovations of the industry. The Cleanetics sterile casework line is manufactured from LEED-approved substrates and clad with Bio-Gard and other high performance surface materials for an aesthetically pleasing integration with the cleanroom.


3/4-inch cabinet grade plywood laminated with BIOGARD inside and out

1/2-inch foam rubber bulb seals for doors

Adjustable stainless steel 170 degree cabinet-type hinges

Mechanical door interlock

Available Options

Amber acrylic doors
Ultraviolet light coating
Gas purge
Aluminum trim

Real-Time Particle Monitoring

Cleanetics helps advance clean technology by providing solutions for critical process environments. Helping customers ensure regulatory compliance, enhance safety of products, and improve quality is Cleanetics’ mission. Cleanetics offers real-time environmental monitoring to constantly validate that your cleanroom is performing at the required specifications and document historical data of the process environment. These products monitor and assist in classifying clean environments, and in finding the root cause of contamination events. Cleanetics also offers on-site system integration, installation and training, as well as, cable and tubing installation and project management.




Infrared Sensor Auto Start-Stop Activation
Head-To-Toe All Around Mist Coverage
Wheelchair-Friendly Foldable Ramp
Suitable For All Types Of Footwear
Mist Collection Tray With Drainage
User-Friendly Traffic Indicator Light
LED Light With Transparent Panels


A practical but aesthetic sterilization unit suitable for both commercial and medical applications to remove airborne particles and help to destroy viruses including Coronavirus.

Electrostatic filtration is a method of removing tiny particles from the air, the system works by applying a static charge of around 8000v to particles in the airstream. These particles are then attracted to collector plates which have the opposite electrical potential resulting in them being stripped from the air. Filtration capacity is at a very high efficiency (up to 99%) even with sub-micron sized contaminants such as virus and bacteria.

The filter components used are metal and can be cleaned so there is no filter replacement necessary. A further advantage is that using static force to filter the contaminants provides a very low resistance to the airstream which enables better overall performance.

UVGI inactivates micro-organisms by attacking their DNA, permanently destroying and altering the molecular structure, leaving them unable to replicate or grow.

Key Features

Dual Technology
Electrostatic Filtration – UVGI Radiation
Highly Efficient

Our Technology Incorporates

High output lamps with enclosure designed to achieve maximum irradiation.

ESP collector and UV lamps easily removable for cleaning or replacement.

Non Ozone producing lamps

Modular Cleanrooms

Pre-fabricated composite panels, custom manufactured to meet the client’s needs. There are many benefits to modular construction. Modular cleanrooms provide expansion capabilities, relocations, and design changes that can occur with the growth of your facility.

Another benefit of modular construction is that it amortizes in seven years, making it deductible as a loss, as opposed to a stick built construction which takes 30 years to depreciate

Extruded Aluminum Rod-Hung Walkable Ceiling System with Integral Lighting Option

Cleanetics’ Utility Grid offers a heavy-duty walkable ceiling with the ability to integrate lights when ceiling
space is tight.


Heavy-Duty aluminum extrusion; available in anodized or powder-coated finishes.

A variety of ceiling tile options are available, including aluminum honeycomb manufactured to varying spans and thicknesses to meet custom live load requirements.

The system is designed with a Unistrut profile on its topside for more compatible integration with its primary vertical support system.

The room side can be capped with a clear acrylic lens for the flush lighting applications; or it can be covered with an opaque PVC or aluminum cap when flush lighting is not utilized

Ideal for ISO 8 environments, laboratory white rooms, and high-bay enclosures. All lighting elements are pre-installed and tested in Cleanetics’

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© Copyright 2020 Cleanetics, LLC. All Rights Reserved
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